Energy efficiency – We need to get going!

ARO yesterday attended an event at Fynsk Erhverv, where Michael Sørensen talked about ARO's view on energy efficiency and future products.

There is great potential in energy renovations, and after the meeting it became clear that several companies could offer intelligent and energy-saving solutions. It is positive that more Funen companies are ready with solutions to the challenges of the future.

Lars Christian Lilleholt also gave a speech on the legislation and the political plans for the future. Politically, there is a willingness to look at new opportunities and initiate initiatives that can increase our energy savings as well as boost our exports of energy solutions even more.

We need to get going – the opportunities are present for a grenner world as well as growth and jobs.

Thank you to Fynsk Erhverv and Almax for inviting us to this exciting event.

Article published: 24-05-2019

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