Should material errors or fabrication errors prove to be expected, they are automatically covered by the Purchase Act for the first 24 months from the date of purchase. Simply contact them with the invoice to their supplier, who will then contact the factory. The water heater will then be repaired or replaced with a new one at the factory’s discretion and at no cost to them.

In addition, ARO provides a 5-year guarantee on the corrosion of the calorifier, from the date of purchase – if there has always been an active anode in the calorifier.

In case of corrosion, ARO carries out free repair at our factory. Removal / setup and shipping costs are not covered.

Compensation for other items, building components or personal injury caused by any defects or defects in the product is not covered by ARO’s obligations.

Otherwise, the warranty applies if:

  • Copies of purchase invoices, control cards for anode service and defective container are sent to us through their supplier.
  • The calorifier has been properly installed in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • That no warranty repair is initiated without ARO’s prior approval.
  • Damage caused by scaling, frost or overpressure will not be compensated.

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