An internal plastic-treated hot water calorifier with stainless steel heater and anode.

ARO UNIVERSAL is a hot water calorifier with stainless steel heater, which is optimized for efficient operation in especially district heating installations. The diagonally integrated heater is designed with several parallel pipe spirals and self-descaling effect.
The hot water calorifier is suitable for district heating and central heating, but can advantageously be used in central heating systems with a focus on high cooling.

Insulation caps are available in several sizes for the container.

10 bar.

If desired, the ARO UNIVERSAL calorifiers can also be connected in series with a relatively small pressure loss.

Need a customized solution?

The ARO UNIVERSAL hot water calorifier can be supplied as a customized calorifier:

  • From 150 to 5000 litres
  • With a heater adapted to each project
  • With or without internal treatment
  • Available for electrolysis or for electric resistance
  • Connections as desired
    Portrait or landscape


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